ACC: It's not that we don't believe in you, we just know you're going to fail. WE'RE BACK PEOPLE! 9/07/10

Excuse our lateness people, but RDV is finally back up and running. Let's get right to the nitty gritty. What did we learn in a week of Div 2. Mass Rape?

1. Clemson is FREAKIN rusty. But we have a lot of talent. Both backs came out strong and inspired. Unfortunately, no one else did.

2. Kansas really misses their lovable oompa loompa overlord.

3.The ACC once again crapped their pants when facing "strong" opponents. Thank's a lot Frank.

4. Sakerlina is 1-0 and their fans seem to think that is building to something...

5. I'm really a slack blogger. Whatcha gonna do about it?

This time of year is terrible. Period. 3/13/2010

It really and truly is folks. Nothin' real big in footbaw goin on except for Dobo out and about talkin about exhibition games with Georgia. Good idea? Bad idea? Who knows, but we doubt it will happen. Sorry for our dissapearance for a while. We are a Clemson Football blog, so until the fall don't expect a ton from us, but we'll try to do better. The comment section has been removed due to abuse and the fact that I really feel that it is more negative than positive for the site. I also want to take a moment to apologize for recent comments made by some trolls, they do not represent our staff or readers. Just people out to make trouble. Our deepest apologies if anyone was offended. Well... Guess thats it for now. Just letting everyone know we're not dead, just waiting... Things should be back in full swing in July/August. KOOLAID OUT!

Is it August yet? 1/27/10
Not quite, but we'll talk some football anyway. So it appears former Clemson QB is undecided right now but multiple sources believe he will join the Marshall Thundering Herd. You know, that team from that one movie with Matthew McConaughey. The guy with no shirt, no deodorant, and a can do Texan attitude, you know, that one?  Wherever he goes, we here at RDV wish him good luck and we will be following the rest of his college career. With signing day only six days away, we thought we'd post our current commit list. Looking good so far, ESPN has our class ranked at 16. Also, do not forget to follow us on twitter guys!

Tavaris Barnes		DT	6-5 240
David Beasley OL 6-4 290
Victor Beasley ATH 6-5 215
Bashaud Breeland ATH 6-1 190
Desmond Brown DB 6-0 195
Martavis Bryant WR 6-4 190
Demont Buice RB 6-2 205
Ricky Chaney LB 6-3 200
Sam Cooper TE 6-5 230
Joe Craig ATH 6-0 170
Corey Crawford DE 6-5 235
Kalon Davis OL 6-5 325
DeAndre Hopkins ATH 6-2 170
Martin Jenkins DB 5-9 170
Jake Nicolopulos LB 6-2 220
Garry Peters DB 6-0 175
Darius Robinson DB 6-0 170
Tra Thomas DT 6-1 270
Gifford Timothy OL 6-6 290
Josh Watson DT 6-3 285
Reid Webster OL 6-5 270


RDV Now officially on Tweeter. We're sorry.1/20/10

In attempt to keep up with all the other cool kid blogs around the playground, RDV is now officially on Twitter! Follow the link here to check us out and be sure to follow us for daily footbaw news and Mark Mangino related material because we are not funny enough to come up with jokes about anything else. We already have one follower, so climb on board folks as we drive foreward to next season! Also, just to clear somethin up, RDV is a Clemson Football site only. That is why our updates have slowed a bit this offseason in case ya'll were wondering. So, to sum this up, follow us on twitter!

Kevin Steele to Remain At Clemson. Sorry for what we said.


Kevin Steele is not leaving Clemson as we reported earlier. Steel was set to accept a bid to be DC at Tennessee but decided to turn down the offer after meeting with his players today. Good for you Kevin, nobody likes a flake.

Fine, leave Kevin. We didn't need you anyways....1/19/10

Well, as if Clemson icons dying off left and right wasn't bad enough, Kevin Steele pulled a Kiffin and is leaving us for Tennessee after only one year with the Tigers. Wonderful. For more details, click here. The spring game has been scheduled for April 10th at 4pm, should be pretty epic. I really don't have any idea how it will be, I just like to use the word epic. I will be there, so odds, are, pretty epic. Check RDV as more news unfolds on the DC situation. GO TIGERS! 

     Gaines Adams passes away at 26 in Greenwood, SC 1/17/10 
I don't like to follow a bad news story with another one, but Clemson has lost another hero as former Defensive End Gaines Adams dies in Greenwood at the age of 26. The cause of death is not certain at this point, but it may be a heart attack. Adam's was the fourth draft pick of the 2007 NFL Draft and played for both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears. He was a great football player, person, and member of the Clemson family. He will be greatly missed by Tiger Nation. 

Good night, Sweet Prince of Hamburgers 12/31/09

Well, as we prepare to start the new year, Clemson has lost a legend. Harold "Mac" Mckeown of Mac's Drive-In passed away yesterday at the age of 82. You can read the article here. We are still working on the Dabo Report Card as well as our Tweeter account. Sorry if we seem slow, we are busy watching our Big Fat Bowl Challenge picks go down in flames. Oh, and Dabo is on vacation with the fam this week in Alabama. What a terrible vacation spot....R.I.P. Mac.

 Well Played Sir, Well Played 12/27/09

Gonna be brief tonight folks, but the tigers ended a roller coaster year with the seniors' last game resulting in a bowl win in Big John's Gay Bowl and Shower Tag Tournament. (we refused to participate in the latter of the two.) We'll have a more detailed review of the game later on and the first ever Dabo Report Card for Coach Swinney's first full year. Will he be proud of his first report card?  Or, will he have to hide it and claim Mangino ate it? Find out tomorrow. Go tigers! 2009 Music City Bowl Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Crazed Idea and A Crap First Day of Bowls 12/19/09

Well, hope everyone's bowl picks are going better than mine. Freakin' Fresno and UCF, no wonder they are in the Lollipop Guild or whatever the hell their respective unimportant conferences are called. As we roll closer to Big John's Gay Bowl and Shower Tag Tournament, I thought of a great idea. As many of you have seen, we have pictures scrolling down the side of our page. As epic as they are, I want to put a more personal touch on the site and would like for readers to send in pictures to be added to the wall. They can be anything Clemson and of anyone(except Mark Mangino, our sidebar is only so big folks). Keep it G-rated. Ya'll can just attach the picture (or pictures) to an email and send it to us at If you think this idea is completely retarded, I am sorry- just wipe away your tears. I will wait. Or will I? Send in those freakin' pics guys.

Ready to Rumble: Bowl Season Begins Saturday 12/18/09

Still down here in sunny Florida folks. I've been making my picks for Block-C's Big Fat Bowl Challenge and I have realized that this is going to be one helluva bowl season! Swami foresees lots of big upsets. Fascinatingly enough, 89% of users on Yahoo believe that Clemson is going to win Big John's Gay Bowl and Spelling Jamboree. I'm alot more skeptical. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments section. In other news, I'm working on setting up a Tweeter account so you guys can follow Rally Death Valley on there, but working with that site makes me  feel about 87 years old. Either its that or being down in Florida that is causing that feeling. I almost wanna get me a motorized scooter and ride around playing Zombie Nation on a loud speaker. Later guys.

  A Quick Note from Florida, The Elderly State 12/13/09

Hope you guys are all enjoying your holiday season, I managed to take a brief break from vacation to give ya'll a shout. So it seems that Dos Ocho landed 6th in the Heisman vote. Nobody really cares about that though because just like the old saying goes "If you ain't first, you're last."( That's actually not an old saying, we totally just lied. But it's our site, so it's all good. Nobody is gonna read it. FYI It came from Talladega Nights.) Other than that, not much news outta Tiger Town. We're all just trying to lick our wounds (deep...deep...wounds) and prepare for Big John's Gay Bowl and Pride Parade. I'll keep you posted on any breaking news, but regular updates won't start back until around December 20th. GO TIGERS!

Grand Theft Doak Walker: CJ Ignored 12/10/09

It is official, CJ Spiller has not won any of the major awards in a year when he clearly out shined everyone else. In personal news, I'll be on vacation next week, so I may or may not get to update the site while I'm gone. But keep checkin back, I'll update as soon as possible. Back to CJ. This is truly just unbelievable. Dos Ocho has been punched in the face over and over and over again this year and then he gets robbed by Toby Gayheart? Total bullcrap. Oh yea, and then they had the audacity to bring him on the ESPN Award Presentation and interview him about how great he is. Talk about awkward. Rally Death Valley is officially presenting CJ Spiller with our "Person that Got Screwed Most This Year Award." It is a great honor that we totally just made up right now. The award has been presented to a player every year since about a minute ago. So perk up CJ, all is not lost. pretty much is...never mind...this is depressing...oh's your award buddy:

A Korny Farewell12/9/09 

Well people, our knight in shining purple and orange armor is leaving us. Backup QB Willy Korn announced Wednesday that he is going to graduate from Clemson in May of 2010 and then transfer to another school with his two years of remaining eligibility. Korn is a shining example of how a person can work extremely hard at accomplishing something and still get screwed by a tard from the baseball team. Who knows why ol' Tres(since the whole Spanish numbers thing is catching on...) did not work out for us at Clemson? It may have been last year's injury or it may just be that he just sucked. That being said, we really appreciate the false hope you gave us Willy and we wish you good luck at whatever backwoods, hillbilly division two school you end up at. Peace out Korn!

Heisman Snubs Lightning 12/8/09

"If you have no goals, you are never disappointed when you don't accomplish them"-Vince Vaughn in "Dodgeball." Seriously folks, this season just keeps getting worse. It seems only two weeks ago we were walking on sunshine. Spiller was going to win the Heisman, we were going to be state champions, we were going to win the ACCCG, and to top it all off we were going to march in and win the Orange Bowl. Yes, it would have been grand! But today, the last of those goals was killed brutally when it was stabbed in the heart by a spork wielding group of Heisman voters. As you have all heard, CJ Spiller will not be going to New York this year. All ol' Dos Ocho has to look foreward to now is the Gaylord Bowl against the Kentucky Whosywhatsits. I think we need new goals for next year, goals that are set very low, so that way we can actually achieve them. So for your entertainment consideration, I've comprised Clemson's new top 5 goals for the 2010 Season:

1. Score one point.

2. Get Dabo a nicer shirt to wear to the games.(really? a grey sweatshirt? you look homeless. do you ever wash it? ever?)

3. Not trip and fall down the Hill.

4. Put Kevin Steele in a straight jacket so he does not hurt himself before games.

5. Save up and buy Billy Napier NCAA Football: 2011

Bowl Pretty Gay: Literally  12/7/09

Well, it seems Bobby Bowden gets the last laugh as his retirement has forced Clemson into the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl against Kentucky on Dec. 27th. He is probably more excited than Ralph Friedgen at the KFC drive-through window. Which reminds me, has anyone notice how bad a year it's been for the fat coaches? Mangino stepped down, Weis was fired, Bowden retired, and Friedgen is all alone on the edge of being fired. I would say they will be missed, but it's kinda hard to miss any of them. ( on words) Enough fat jokes for one post! The game will be a night game against an opponent who has proved very resilient this year. We will have more info as the bowl nears, but I really want to thank all of our readers on behalf of A770 Tiger, Big D Tiger, and myself. You all helped make our first week a great success and I am sincerely thankful. I hope we have entertained and informed you on the way to Tampa and I look forward to the future of both Clemson football and Rally Death Valley. GO TIGERS!

To grab a line from Futurama, "You raised my hopes and dashed them splendidly sir."  12/6/09

Total coaching failure.Dabo is a great guy, but has a lot of growing up to do. When you obviously have better players and are facing an unchanged offense for the second time and still lose, that is a coaching failure. Break out the giant tubs of ice cream and prepare for the excuse fest folks. Let's hope CJ at least gets to win a freaking bowl.

ACC Championship Preview: Clemson Vs. GT 12/4/2009

When/Where:Sat. Dec 5 at 8pm EST. at Raymond James Stadium in sunny Tampa, Florida.

Where to watch/listen: ESPN, ESPN360, 104.9 FM for you locals

Weather: Bout 55 degrees and clear folks!

Previews: Block-C, From the Rumble Seat, ESPN

Also, be sure to read our articles from this week below, lot's of good reads.

Join us tomorrow here during the game for an open live chat! Should be interesting.

Predictions from our panel of hyper-evolved supermen:

TheDaboKoolaid- I don't think we could have ever asked for a better ACCCG match up. There is no question that we are the strongest in the ACC(i don't care what the Hoakies say!) Lots of people have tried to set this match up statistically, and I don't think you can do that. It's going to be more about raw emotion and power. Who wants it more? Who has the bigger chip on their shoulder from last week? The answer is Clemson people. We have waited for this opportunity for almost two decades and the team knows that. The Tigers will prevail in a close, powerhouse game. GO TIGERS! CLEM-37 BEES- 28

A770Tiger - Wish I had a real clue what to say about this game, but I'm as lost as a Gamecock at the National Championship.  Gotta give the nod to GT on coaching, but we've got the better players overall, so it's a toss-up.  The first game we played this year we outplayed their asses by far, but played like tards in Leggo-Land the first quarter--kinda like the Maryland and Cocks games.  If the team rebounds and plays like they did during the 6-game win streak we should win for sure, but who the hell knows if the Mary-Cocks team shows or the take no prisoners and shoot the wounded team shows.  If Mary-Cocks Team, then GT 35 - Clemson 10.  If Take no prisoners, then Clemson 42 - GT 31.  Pray for CJ to fire'em up and make us proud.  GO TIGERS!!!

Big D Tiger- Clemson 17 - - GT 10 in a slow game. I feel both defense coordinators have gathered their guys and marked the opposing offense's numbers. It will be a war defensively because the offenses will be shut down. After a long game, Clemson will pull it out only because of a team effort. We have the coaching ability, players, and plays, but we'll have to play as a team with spirit! Good luck Georgia Tech, but the Tigers will assassinate you with our Heisman candidate.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: 

A Q&A With GT's From the Rumble Seat 12/3/2009

Today we present you with a special treat, a Q&A session with our friends over at From the Rumble Seat. Hope you enjoy! Click here to read our answers.

1.Coach Johnson has won ACC Coach of the Year for the second year running, what in your opinion makes him the best coach in the league?

The big thing about CPJ is that he makes in game adjustments better than anyone else.  He punches, takes a hit, and then counters.  And what makes it incredibly fun for the fans is obviously the fact that he wins with his adjustments.  As far as best coach in the league, I wouldn't go that far yet.  Beamer has dominated the ACC as of late and Bobby Bowden is the only coach in the league to win a I-A National Championship.  Maybe in a couple years we'll be able to brag about the best coach in the league but for now we're happy to say we have the best in game and offensive coach in the league.

2. GT has had a pretty good year but stumbled last week. What exactly is the team’s greatest weakness and how will it factor into this weekend’s game?

Our defensive line is very inexperienced.  Three guys got drafted off our defensive line last season and the gaping hole left by their absence has been noticed.  We have very little pass rush outside of Derrick Morgan and opposing QB's have all day to pass against our underrated secondary.  Needless to say, we're kinda mixed between blaming our talent vacuum and lack of good defensive coaching.

We're not sure if it'll factor into the game much.  Derrick Morgan dominated Clemson and our defensive line performed admirably the first time around.  Clemson doesn't appear to have a dominating power running game and our smaller, faster linebackers should be fine on the edge.  We just wanna limit the number of touchdowns C.J. Spiller piles up.

3.I really love a good dark horse, a player that nobody pays attention to and suddenly they have a break out game. Who do you feel is Georgia Techs dark horse going into this weekend’s game?

The individual dark horse is probably Roddy Jones.  He exploded last year against Georgie.  He hasn't had his HUGE game yet this season so we're kinda hoping he saved it for Clemson in the ACCCG.  He's been hampered by a wrist injury and was kinda supplanted by Louisville transfer Anthony Allen (Clemson knows those dreadlocks).  Roddy's a redshirt sophomore from Stone Mountain and is itchin' to break out on national television especially as Clemson keys on Dwyer, Nesbitt, and Anthony Allen.

4. Clemson has used the mantra “All In” this year a lot to really get the players and fans pumped and focused. Does Georgia Tech have a similar phrase? If not, what would you say should be GT’s mantra.

Georgia Tech has a plackard with 9 goals emblazoned on it (  Some of them are impossible now such as "top 10 rushing defense" and "going undefeated at home."  But "Finish" is the one that means the most to Tech fans.  We've won several games in the fourth quarter this year and now more than ever "Finish" means finish the season strong. Win the ACC and win the bowl game like bullets #1 and #2 state.

5. What does this game mean to Georgia Tech?

If we don't win, the season will be an epic fail.  GT will have won 10 games, dominated the ACC competition, and then gone on to lose to a terrible Georgie team and lost a very winnable ACC Title.  Winners finish.  Winners close out the season. Tech hasn't won an ACC Title outright since 1990.  This game means A LOT to every Tech fan.  If Tech wins, it'll mean Tech is on the right track.  If we lose, we'll wonder if Chan could've done the same at a lower tab with the same talent.

Mid Week Review  12/2/2009

Well, we're almost their people. Only 3 days until the ACCCG! Hopefully you've been enjoying our coverage this week, and the best is yet to come including our game preview, a Q&A with From the Rumble Seat, and our live chat during the game. Meanwhile, I wanted to take a break from ACCCG coverage to catch everyone up on the latest news in the conference:

-Ralph Friedgen is hangin by a short(yet very strong,possibly made of kryptonite) thread...But he has survived and will be back next year to coach the Terrapins.

-Our very own CJ Spiller has been named ACC Player of the Year. No one deserved it more folks.

-With Al Groh's dismissal after a 3-9 season, speculation on the new coach has run rampant. Everyone from Tommy Bowden to Aqua Man is being listed. Aqua Man stated later that he was lookin at the Notre Dame job because it was clear they were quote "sunk".

-Georgia Tech's Paul Johnson has won ACC Coach of the Year for the second year running. Dabo came in second. Hmm... I wonder why...(see Maryland, GT, Sakerlina games)

-Bobby Bowden announced his retirement yesterday after 74 years as head coach of FSU. His only remaining supporters at the local nursing home felt sincere sadness.

- Oh, and in less important news, Steve Spurrier is being suggested for a one year contract extension putting him at Sakerlina through 2013.

Hit us up again tomorrow for the continuence of our 2009 ACCCG COVERAGE! GO TIGERS!(Scroll down to see ACCCG official promo video)

2009 ACC Championship Promo AKA Shiny Helmets  12/2/2009

How We Got Here 12/1/2009

 This time last year, we were just signing Dabo to a contract as our permanent coach, now look where ol' Dobo has gotten us. THE ACC CHAMPIONSHIP! It is important as we prepare for the one of the biggest Clemson games in over a decade to remember the hard work, the faith, the pure passion that got the Tigers into the championship. It was a crazy season that involved an angry Clemson fan, a field goal kicker alone defeating Boston College, and the upset of a lifetime down in Miami. Here's a recap:

FROM AROUND THE ACC: Sources are saying Bobby Bowden will announce his retirement today. More details can be found here.


As the Tigers prepare for their first trip to an ACCCG since 1991, we will spend the week talking about how we got there and what the Tigers will need to do to win this ravaged, desolate group of zombies we call the Atlantic Coast Conference.  So come along with us as we walk through the pieces and step over bodies on our road to Tampa!

A Day of Mourning: Final Words on 

Yesterday's Tragedy

Well folks, that was just plain embarrassing. I am trying to figure out who to place blame on, but pretty much everyone was to blame in that game yesterday. It was just overall a team collapse. After listening to Dabo mumble on and on about how we just basically sucked yesterday and how it was disappointing and then venturing over to Garnet and Black attack to listen to the wild retardation that is Carolina fans, I just want to move on to what is left of the ACC Championship. At this point, I am dubbing it the "Battle for the Land of the Blind" as it is clear that the ACC has just decided to be generally terrible this year. But regardless! WE WANT TO BE THE STRONGEST BLIND PERSON WE CAN BE! So stop in each day this week for our coverage of the ACC Championship week. GO TIGERS!



THIS IS CRAP!Apparently, one fan slept late and wasn't all in. The Dabo Magic doesn't work unless EVERYONE is in.

All i know is that we better have spent this week just focusing on GT, that's their only excuse and still, that's bullcrap. Get with the game Tigers!

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